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Labor and Delivery Doula Services

Marissa has been a doula since 2005 and considers the decision to study to become a doula the most influential move in her career.


It is limiting to define us doulas, as we are different things to different people, however, this is what  Wikipedia has to say: 

"Continuous support during labour provided by doulas have been associated with improved outcomes for both mothers and children. There is research to support the beneficial effects of doulas on both maternal and newborn or infant health, including shorter delivery, fewer caesarean sections and complications, the use of fewer medications and fetal extraction tools, less time in neonatal intensive care units, positive psychological benefits for mothers, more satisfying birth experiences, and increased breastfeeding."


Marissa truly believe every woman deserves a doula for every birth she experiences.

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Marissa with baby Wren, 2015

Complete Doula Service Package


This is the most common arrangement parents choose for the birth of their baby using Marissa as their Doula for the first time.


- initial interview up to 1 hour at no charge

- 2 home visits prenatally, 2 hours each to create a useful birth plan

- continuous care during labor, delivery, and following the birth

- 1 home visit postpartum, 1-2 hours for breastfeeding support and more

- unlimited phone and email support both before and after the birth

Price: $1500 for families in Metrowest Boston

$1600+ for families outside the Metrowest region


I am currently not accepting clients for birth work

Marissa with baby Conor and momma Tricia, 2011

Marissa with baby Asher 2008

Marissa is a certified doula through ToLabor

Marissa with baby Rielyn and momma Margaret, 2010

Returning Mom's Doula Service Package


For moms and dads who have worked with Marissa as their Doula before



Price: $1200 for families in Metrowest Boston

Price negotiable for families outside the Metrowest region


Prepared Birth  Services Package


For moms and dads who have a planned cesarean birth or want the care a doula can provide, both before and after the birth, without having one in the room on labor day.


$850 for families in Metrowest Boston

Price negotiable for families outside the Metrowest region

All prices are negotiable and subject to change if care beyond these packages is necessary.

“Marissa as our doula helped me and Chris to have the labor we wanted, and to enter parenthood feeling informed, excited and supported.“   Lisa, Waltham, MA



"If it hadn't been for your generosity of time and spirit his arrival earthside most certainly would not have been the lovely experience it was. Your work is so appreciated, thank you."  Natasha,  Natick, MA







“Marissa, with her wealth of experience, made all the difference in my labor/birth!  The pre-birth prep sessions helped me stay relaxed and take everything in stride.  During labor, she worked seamlessly with my husband, supporting both of us, as they created this atmosphere of calm and positivity.  She helped me stay focused and to trust that my body was more than capable of birthing our amazing daughter.” Nora, Somerville, MA

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