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Marissa is a licensed massage therapist having attended The Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA. Bancroft prides itself on its scientific understanding of therapeutic massage. Bancroft offered Marissa an exceptional science program, particularly in the field of anatomy, where she honed skills which began earning her BFA at The Ohio State University as a dance major. Marissa's training was extensive due to invaluable practical experience working in the student clinic at Bancroft and as an intern at off-campus sites.

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Marissa treating a client using therapeutic massage

After completing her training and receiving her license as a massage therapist, Marissa attended training with Leslie Stager, (RN, LMT) and The MotherTouch Massage Therapy program. This a comprehensive and holistic certification program consisting of Pregnancy Massage Fundamentals and advanced hands on training.

Some of the elements Marissa has trained in are:

• Benefits & Precautions of Prenatal Massage
• Physiological changes and high risk symptoms
• Postural Assessment and Realignment Possibilities
• Optimal Sidelying and Semi-Reclining Positioning
• Pelvic Alignment Techniques, Sacro-Iliac Joint and          Pelvic Floor Release
• Breast Massage for all women
• Bodywork to Support Impending labor & birth

• Belly Massage & Diaphragm Release

Marissa's therapeutic massage techniques incorporate facial release, sports style muscle therapy, as well as joint release. Treatments are for men and women as well as children.

Therapeutic Massage

Marissa treating a pregnant client at Stepping Stone Wellness

Prenatal massage

"I continue to enjoy my sessions with Marissa at Stepping Stone. She is extremely knowledgeable about the anatomy; thus I feel confident in her assessments and massage practice as she works on different aching body parts.She is also fluent in yoga and is a practicing doula. I can't rave about her enough. Additionally, Steeping Stone has a very relaxing vibe and the employees are kind and gracious.I have yet to try their other forms of therapy but I know that you are in good hands."  ~ Tina K., Wellesley


    “Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”  ~ Rumi


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