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PreNatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Marissa helping Tyler S. find stability and proper form in her Warrior II pose.

Prenatal Yoga

PreNatal Yoga Classes


Monday's 6:45p


Laughing Dog Yoga Studio, Wellesley


All Classes are drop in based.

Prenatal Yoga


Early in 2003 Marissa realized there was a major void in the yoga community and in a specific style of class. She looked around and noticed there was a population of yogis in the Boston area underserved at a most relevant time in their lives.


Marissa was one of those women and was 6 months pregnant at the time.  Laughing Dog's 1st prenatal yoga class was formed out of this necessity and the desire to teach what Marissa knew and what she was crafting for her own practice.


After almost 20 years, this very popular class has served hundreds of women, sometimes through 2 & 3 pregnancies, on Zoom during Shutdown and in person at Laughing Dog Yoga Studio, as their bodies and lives changed.

This very unique class blends community Childbirth Ed and the Prenatal Yoga Practice. It is full of laughter, some tears, and lots of support.





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Stephanie in a safe, seated twist for pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga
"I am so happy I found Marissa Farrell's prenatal yoga class! With her expertise and experience I felt safe practicing yoga during my pregnancy- I was able to continue to build strength and stretch the key areas of my body that are important during pregnancy. Being able to connect with other expectant mothers and hear from Marissa on tips and recommendations for pregnancy and childbirth was invaluable." 
Anne, Framingham, MA
Marissa demonstrating pidgeon pose which is wonderful to free the hips, low back, and breathing during pregnancy.
This prenatal yoga class is at once a movement class, a childbirth education class (Marissa is a CAPPA certified childbirth educator), and a community for moms to spend time with each other. It has a most unique feel and is often sited as Marissa's favorite class to teach all week.
Prenatal Yoga

Marissa and her son, Elijah, in 2008.

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

Annabelle F. demostrating Warrior II pose which keeps the legs strong, lengthens the lower spine, and reminds women of thier power and confidence as they become mothers.

"Before her all is beautiful, she moves, Behind her all is beautiful, she moves." ~ Navajo

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