Herbal Remedies

Natural Herbs

Custom tea blends, like this pregnancy tea, are formulated to each person, not ailment.


Herbal remedies are a safe and effective way to comfort and strengthen the human body.

In general, herbal remedies pose a low risk when taken responsibly and perhaps with the knowledge of a clinical herbalist and physician.

The InHara System creates custom tea blends, tinctures, pelvic steam, and the very popular Self-Health-Kit which is a seasonal box of remedies from fall viruses to spring allergies.

These herbal blends are intended for men and women, pregnant moms, and children over 2 years. 

An herbal consultation online is required for a blend or formula so that a safe health assessment is created. 

Please contact me.

 The Self-Health-Kit


1 - Bag of StayWell Tea Blend 

1 - 4 ounce bottle of custom crafted Elderberry Elixir

1 - roll on bottle of Four Thieves Essential Oil

1 - jar of respiratory steam herbs

 - recipes and more

Each kit is made to order for $160 + shipping

A full sized Self-Health-Kit is a feast for the senses and a beautiful box to open. What you see sprinkled on top there is dried lavender.

Don't like what you see in one of these?

Want a custom tea blend included in yours?

Contact me and I will be happy to personalize one for you or for a gift.


Shipping throughout the USA is available.

Payments through VENMO please.

The Custom-Tea-Health-Kit


1 - 4 ounce bottle of crafted Elderberry Elixir

 - Select Custom Herbal Tea Blend

 - the choice of either a jar of respiratory steam herbs OR Thieves oil in a roll on bottle

Each of these kits are made to order for $100 + Shipping 

These kits are customized to the intended recipient. All items can be chosen to fit the person you are giving this to.

Seasonal Tea Blend on Sale!

StayWell Blend

This blend is for anyone looking to support their immune health and is so delicious.

10% off

through  Sept 31, 2021

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