The InHara System created by Marissa Farrell

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Marissa has been studying the art of movement through dance, martial arts, fitness, and yoga, since she was a child. After more than 20 years experience teaching these modalities in and around Boston, she has synthesized her work into what she calls, The InHara System.


Beginning in 2004, Marissa began attending childbirth as a certified professional doula to help in any and all ways through support, advocacy, and education.


In 2013 she created The InHara Practice. Workshops followed soon after; providing a system of movement for women to reconnect with their most primal portion of the body, the pelvis. Around town, Marissa is known as "the Vagina Lady", a title that fits the InHara System well.


Marissa returned to school in 2014 to study massage therapy at The Bancroft School of Massage Therapy  and directly after following a 10 year dream, to study Abdominal Therapy under the watchful eye of the program creator,  Rosita Arvigo.

The InHara System is the blend of Marissa Farrell's body of work including Yoga, Massage & Prenatal Massage Therapy, Arvigo Therapy, Pelvic Floor Therapy, and Doula care. As a Holistic Health Counselor, Marissa practice includes herbal and nutrition advice, sleep, fitness counseling, and more!


Marissa is a wife, mother of 2, a step-mom, and is found happiest hiking, cooking, and chasing her dog in the woods.




The Yoga studio I teach from is closed until further notice.


Meanwhile, my classes are going to be live streamed. All info on how to participate in these classes is at:

I am seeing clients privately both online and in-home. Contact me for details.

I have resumed office hours at Stepping Stone, please see tab for scheduling an appointment.

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The InHara System.