Rosie's Place

Recently I spent an afternoon at Rosie's Place volunteering in the kitchen for the days lunch. I chopped, sorted, distributed, cleaned up, and more, before and after the ladies came in to eat. Everyone who volunteered that day was a listener and contributor to WERS radio. As part of the December 2015 holiday fundraiser to support the station, we were asked to also volunteer at Rosie's with a member of the station. It is a way for the station to reach out and give back. Such a great and useful idea that really is for the community as well as the radio station. Rosie's served up such healthy and delicious lunch that day, we were all starving by the time we served all 116 ladies who joined us.

Where is YOUR Uterus?

Tune in to this podcast to learn how much movement and how many changes your uterus goes through from month to month and day to day. There is a lot happening in this quiet organ! Some topics include: How the position of the uterus impacts menstrual health & fertility Impact of stress on the menstrual cycle How can food sensitivities impact a woman’s menstrual cycle? The natural movement of the uterus throughout menstruation

The Fertility Awareness Method?

What is the F.A.M. you keep hearing about? How does it work for birth control and conception? Is it effective? Is it relevant if you are not worried about your fertility right now?

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