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MADE BY HAND IS IMPORTANT - The AI in your teacup -

I watched 60 Minutes the other night and, in awe and fear, saw the unbelievable advances AI has taken. Reading prose and poetry writen by a machine, watching robots play soccer, helping humans feel through technology in their new artificial limb.

In a word, amazing. In another, worrisome.

It occured to me that I should write a little note to all my clients, customers, and patients about what it means for you that my products are all Made-By-Hand, my hands.

First, I source all my herbs from 2 local and 2 national farms. All the herbs are organic. All 4 farms practice regenerative farming. These farmers are seeding, cultivating, and hand picking the herbs which go into my teas and tinctures. It is so important to support these farms and these farmers for the health and wellbeing of the Earth.

Second, the bags you receive your tea in are fully compostable. Simply pull out the liner first. Being a steward to the enviornment goes beyond sourcing organic herbs.

Third, it is my heart and mind that creates each formula. In most cases the tea blend was a request by a client which then took off as a product. For example, my Mama-to-Be-Tea was created to help a doula client of mine with hyperemesis gravada (the worst morning sickness). I had her sample a few blends till she picked the one that helped the nausea and vomiting to stop. A new, and always sold out, tea was born.

Fourth, I sample each blend for taste, scent, and effectiveness. Each bag is labeled with how to get the most out of the herbal formula; such as how to infuse and when it is best to drink. There are times tea blends are sold out. That is mostly because an herb is out of season and I can not order till it is. This is important for you. The fresher the herb, the more rich the scent, the taste, the medicine. If necessary, I adjust the formula so that it is very similar to the original, but you wont have to wait 6 month for it. Can your bagged tea off the shelf ensure that?

Lastly, I am a certified "cottage kitchen" here in Natick, MA. I follow sanitary guidelines and pay my dues to the town for the upkeep of my certification. I feel it is important to state this so that you not only can appreciate how each of your purchases truly affects my family, but that you can trust that all care and consideration went into each bag or bottle.

I completely realize that you can buy 10 bags of tea in a box for anywhere from $4.99 to $15.99 right off your grocery shelf. You may ask yourself why you would spend twice that amount or more for InHara System products. I think that once you see the quality and care that went into your loose leaf bag of tea, bottle of tincture, or elixir, I hope you will understand and want to come back for more.

AI is here to stay and we will, hopefully, continue to benefit from its advances. But, lets make time to shop local, respect the farmers who support the land, and support the creators who believe that Made-By-Hand still means something.


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