The Most Perfect Food ...

... of this season, that is. The apple might possibly be the most perfect food when fall is here and they are ripe for the picking (as they saying goes). Eating with the seasons affords your digestion the opportunity to work less hard and get what it needs for the current seasonal conditions. While we love strawberries and avocados throughout the year, eating a New England ripe apple in the fall is exactly what this Northern Hemispheric body needs. Lets wax on about how perfect the apple is... wait, lets get that wax OFF the apple!! Can you get to a farmers market, a farm stand, or the organic section of your grocer? Great, there you will find apples sans wax. Snow White may have been charm

The Self-Health-Kit

Autumn is here and 2020's autumn comes heavy with additional health concerns. Enter herbal Self Care. Herbalism is the art of health and healing through plants and wisdom, which includes the trust that the human body seeks homeostasis and will heal itself when offered the right tools of support and not suppression. Common OTC products suppress symptoms but do not relieve infections. Read the label, and you will see the phrase, "temporarily relieves symptoms of ...". This is not medicine, yet this is many times how we refer to it! Herbal medicine is exactly that. It is the medicine the Earth provided us as we as humans grew along with it. There is an unfortunate lack of trust in the Western w

Respiratory Steaming

Breathe in. Breathe out. Such a simple and minute to minute action that we often take fully for granted. Except when that simple act is limited or, as with the current pandemic, fear inducing. Enter the respiratory steam. We've all enjoyed leaning over a hot steaming pot of soup and inhaling the aroma. Well, as in the case of many traditional soups, the mouth watering aroma is coming from the vapor of herbs and spices that are not only delicious, but offer up medicinal compounds that keep us healthy. Strip away your meal within the soup and what you have is a broth that brings healing right to the pathways into your lungs. Steam, when enhanced with herbs like thyme, oregano, ginger, orange p

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