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The What and Why of Pelvic Steaming

There is an ancient self-care technique that I have seen drawings and writings about which go back over thousands of years and across all continents. From the First Nations of the Americas South to Central to North, to most, if not all, of the African continent and then through Europe and Asia as well.

It has names in all languages, but for the sake of this article, lets call it Pelvic Steaming.

So, how has something so worldwide and helpful gone unknown or under utilized in the past few centuries boils down to our disconnection to the pelvis and as well our misrepresentation of the (mostly) female anatomy. No one needs a reminder of how these parts and persons have been treated as dirty and/or shameful throughout history.

I will not go down the rabbit hole of history towards women, or female anatomy in general, as it is scary and sad. Instead, I'd like to focus on the simple and effective technique of steaming your pelvic floor as has been practiced throughout those and current years.

Plain and simple, think of a steaming bowl of soup. Think of a hot cup of tea. Think of the steam that rises off hot coals from a fire dosed in water. That steam is thick. It is rich in food aromatics or herb aromatics, or in the case of the fire, it is rich in the aromatics of the tree sap used for the fire.

When we consume soup or tea we are ingesting the healing benefit of the broth and all the vegetables, spices and herbs within the waters.

But did you know that many plants heal by way of their aroma? In other words, smelling the delicious pot of soup on your stove or cup in your hand starts the healing right then and there to your body.

This is not esoteric, this is actual and you probably have practiced this yourself to open your sinuses with a "vapor rub" or by way of a steam room or sauna and the many healing benefits of those practices.

Now take that concept and shift it to the other region of your body where mucosal membranes are exposed... your pelvic floor.

Currently, we use a pelvic steam for concerns like slow or stagnant menses. We use it in conjunction with fertility treatments and or for a hopeful couple looking to conceive naturally. Women going through peri and menopause find it helpful for vaginal dryness and irritation. I have found, as a practitioner, men and women helped by steam for IBS with constipation, the discomfort of colon spasms, or uterine cramping.

There are endless reasons to sit over a warm pot of herbal steam, wrap yourself in a blanket, and shut out the world for 15min.

If you would like to learn more about the herbs recommended, or the why's and how-to's of pelvic steaming, please reach out for an abdominal therapy appointment or consult. I currently carry 3 types of herbal blends for pelvic steaming at my office but can formulate as needed as well:

- a basic, well rounded, pelvic steam for all

- a fertility supporting steam for pregnancy

- a steam for people experiencing peri and menopause discomfort

Steaming was and still is relevant to modern bodies and pelvic concerns. It is a practice I encourage all my clients to look into and take advantage of as it is easy, comforting, and can be an essential ingredient in healing. Because of this, I have partnered with Kitara, who makes steam seats and boxes. Their company is based out of Maine and all products are made in-house. I really appreciate their effort in keeping steaming accessible and comfortable to all.

Should you have further thoughts and questions, reach out or Comment.

Stay well,



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