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At Home Herbal Remedies Class

The InHara System offers herbal blends for tea, pelvic and respiratory steaming, Four Thieves Essential Oil blend, and Elderberry Elixir. Many many of you enjoy all these offerings for your health and wellbeing and for that I thank you.

BUT, I know some of you wonder if you are working with your herbs in their best way or to the best of their abilities. Did you know that both the pelvic and respiratory steams have a second application?

I have to assume that you are curious what else you can do at home with what you have on hand to improve your health and the heath of those around you. And with all the concerns these past years, I know you want to take advantage of everything you feel is safe and effective to ensure your health.

With this in mind, I have decided to run a 90min class on herbal remedies for the fall and winter and their in-home use.

Topics will be:

- using a respiratory steam for the nose, sinuses, ears and eyes

- taking elderberry elixir

- Working with herbs, in tea and other ways

- What Four Thieves is and how to best use

- Making Fire Cider!

Each of these herbal items are available from The InHara System and within the SelfHealth Kit (which will be back on sale this fall, order early for the holidays!)

If you attend this class live, I'll give you 20% off a SelfHealth Kit and/or 10% off individual items.

If you take the class on Zoom recording, I'll give you 10% off a kit and 5% off individual items.

This class will be held on Sunday October 3rd at 4pm and will be recorded.

Class is $25

Please consider joining me for a fun and interesting 90min at just the right time for fall season!

Email me any questions or to pay another way.

Yours in health,


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